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26/02/2017 11:18am
Greek Titans is one of the oldest greek clan in the game (from 2014).

We count 2 clans mostly season players but we need all kind of ppl (seasonal, non, hardcore etc).

We greate a sub-clan "Greek Titans II " (the 1st clan is full) so all the ppl apply at the 2nd clan. Also we invite the greek clans out there to combine with us. Lets make the biggest and most active greek clan in game.

We offer:
- Pleasant and mature members to play with
- Our own voice and text chat server on Discord with build, guides, farming routes etc.
- Help with lvling, grinding or just knowledge.
- FB group to share any news about Diablo3
- Ppl to play with in any bizzard game
- If a clan combine with us they keep the ranks as officers and friendly welcome to all their members as our own

This clan addressed to greek players or players who can speak greek

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