Clans of Destiny - WASD 5 30 May 2016Hey guys,<br /> <br /> Sorry for not posting recently. Just got a bit busy at work, also i was not in Durban over the weekend. Just thought i might do a little update on how the guys in the clan are doing:<br /> <br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> These stats are courtesy of <strong></strong>. Which is a really awesome site and is very useful for tracking stats and seeing how well you may have progressed against the rest of the world.<br /> <br /> Enjoy <img src="/shared_assets/images/emoticons/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile">, 30 May 2016 16:36:17 BST3 Horse RaceThe power struggle between Orochi19, cupCak3 and R4gMan really picked up over the past 2 days as paragon levels were being racked up like crazy. Whilst this may not be as competitive as the actual leaderboards (Worldwide, EU and Americas), the internal battle between the 3 of us is really taking off. The past 2 days has seen a relatively massive gain for myself (107 paragon levels in the space of 2 days) with cupCak3 closing the gap not too far behind. There is of course the distraction of work and squeezing in time to play but hey if you want something you go and get it right? Finally comfortable enough to farm GR 50, and builds relatively completed, all that's left to do is to basically find ancient versions of the stuff we have (not taking into account at least 2 of us are chasing Conquerer). It is all going to come down to who wants it more at the end of the day...the prize?....Bragging rights of course! We will just have to see what comes of it., 27 May 2016 07:34:47 BST